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I present free workshops as a way to tithe my talents.

If you are interested in scheduling a workshop please contact me  (817) 683-9303

How to Eat a Frog: Pornography addiction and what you need to know understand and protect your families. 

Right now we are facing an epidemic that is taking down our families. It is coming into our homes like a marauding army and our families are often the causalities of this war.  This presentation will educate the class members on:

  • The addiction process /brain chemistry.
  • Help you to understand HOW pornography is an addiction not just a weakness of character.
  • Pornography as a tool in the arsenal of Satan.
  • How Pornography is affecting our members.
  • The road to recovery.. What does it look like?
  • Warnings and tools to protect your children from pornography.
  • Helps and resources to learn more and be better prepared to help those you love.

1.5 hrs This has been given in multiple wards using a combined Sunday School/RS-Priesthood block.  It also has a companion follow up meeting for RS/Priesthood with practical helps of how to protect your family and what to do if you discover pornography has invaded your family.

Hold My Hand Hold my Heart

Is your marriage getting stale or perhaps you are finding it hard to effectively communicate with each other?   President Kimball said:

“Marriage can be more an exultant ecstasy than the human mind can conceive. This is within the reach of every couple, every person.”

If you are struggling to have this kind of connection in your marriage, I can help!  This 1.5 hr interactive workshop will help couples learn and practice new communications patterns.  It will also help the couple to understand  how to nurture their relationship.

Fearlessly Flirting: The patience to charm rather than overpower

Have you ever wondered why dating is so hard?  Perhaps it is because you are not setting the stage.  Flirting is the preparation for dating.  Too often we are missing signals or sending the wrong signals and feel frustrated when dating does not follow.  This interactive workshop is 2 hrs and includes a “Practice session” which offers an opportunity to practice the skills and ideas taught. This is a great pre-dance workshop where the flirting can really take off!!

Flecks of Gold: We don’t have to wait for Joy! 

Too may times is life we are waiting for something to happen before we can truly be happy…. the promotion, the finished project, the temple marriage.  Don’t postpone joy!! Joy is interwoven in our lives like small flakes of gold if we look for it!  An interactive workshop 45 minutes.

Parenting 101, 102, 103: Helaman, Shiblon, Corianton 

This interactive workshop will explore five important topics to consider for effective parenting and answer the burning question.. How do I get my children to do what they should do?  1 hr.

Hard by the Yard… A Cinch by the Inch  

This interactive workshop helps women to understand who they really are and what they are doing every day can make a difference in the eternities… one day at a time. 1.5 hrs

LDS Porn addiction arlington tx Things that Matter Most

Our most important relationships  are within the walls of our own homes.  However many couples don’t know what comes  after the “Happily Ever After.”  This workshops is designed to help couples and parents to enrich their  marriage and increase the love in their homes. 1.5 hrs


 When Life Gives you lemons

Circumstances in life are not always what we hoped leaving us feelings  hopeless and powerless.  This presentation is designed to help the participant  understand that God does not abandon us in difficult times.. indeed it is those  times that can help us to grow closer to God.  1 hr

Things as they really are

In this age of electronic distractions there is real danger if we are not careful to evaluate our intake of electronic media.  Based on Elder Bednar’s C.E.S. broadcast in 2012 this workshop helps the listener to be aware of the dangers and pitfalls of the electronics that have invaded our lives.  It asks the hard question.. What are you giving up to the electronic distractions in your life.   1 hr.

 How We Started Family Scripture Study(and Stopped Feeling Guilty)

We have been told by the prophets that family scripture study is essential to the spiritual well being of our families.  But getting it started can be harder than a new years diet!   Practical helps for reading the scriptures as a family and HOW to effectively use family scripture time to teach your family the gospel.  1 hr.

How Do I Love Thee?

We grow up believing the “Once Upon A Time” fairy tale. The only problem is that after the “and they lived happily ever after” there is not another chapter that helps us to understand HOW that happens.  This interactive workshop uses the five “Love Languages” as the backdrop to help couples and single adults understand how to enrich their relationships.   1.5 hrs.


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