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LDS Counselor: The Truth About Family Therapy

At Insight Child & Family Counseling, we know that there are many misconceptions about what a family LDS counselor does and who we treat.  If you’re not sure about working with a family therapist and you want to know more about what we do, here is the truth about family therapy:

Family Therapists Can Treat Mental Illness

Family therapists are effective in treating a range of mental and emotional disorders that include addiction, drug abuse, anxiety, depression, alcoholism and eating disorders.  For a great many patients, these mental health problems contribute to damaging the family unit and the family dynamic and a family therapist is often the person best qualified to treat the individual as part of a family group.   

Family Therapists Don’t Just Work With Families

Many people think that an LDS counselor who specializes in family therapy only sees married couples and families.  While it’s true that much of family therapy revolves around couples and the nuclear family unit, we treat individuals, couples, families (including extended families), children and groups.  We see problems from the perspective of family systems and treat them accordingly.

Family Therapists Work Anywhere They’re Needed

Family therapists don’t just work in private practices, they also work in a variety of settings including hospitals, inpatient medical facilities, churches, schools and universities, social service agencies, community mental health centers, prisons, business consulting, employee assistance programs, research centers and for the courts.  

Family Therapy Is A Core Mental Health Profession

Family therapy isn’t an area of therapeutic specialization; it has been designated by the U.S. government as one of the five core mental health professions, along with psychiatry, clinical psychology, clinical social work and psychiatric nursing.  Each of these is considered to be a separate field with a different approach to treatment.  Licensed family therapists come from a variety of educational backgrounds that include psychology, psychiatry, nursing, social work, pastoral counseling and education.  At a minimum, family therapists must have a Master’s Degree.

The best way to find out about family therapy is to talk to a family therapist if you have problems that are threatening the health and stability of your marriage or your family unit.  Call the best LDS counselor, Jody VanDrimmelen at Insight Child & Family Counseling, at (972) 426-9500 to schedule an appointment for a discussion about your situation.  You can also visit to learn more about how counseling can help and to get answers to some common questions.

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