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Depression Counselor: 7 Things To Know About Depression

There are millions of people in the United States who are suffering from either diagnosed or undiagnosed depression; and as a depression counselor, I’ve treated many of both types of sufferers.  Often, people who are depressed – or people who love someone who is depressed – don’t understand that the feelings they’re having may not be a normal part of life.  They may even dismiss their feelings as passing or trivial even though their depression is interfering with their daily lives.  If you or someone you love is suffering, here are some things about depression you should know:

1 – Depression is more than feeling blue.  Occasionally feeling sad is something everyone goes through; but for people with depression, the feelings are almost always present and they are more intense than normal, occasional sadness.  People who are depressed often feel worthless, hopeless, anxious, angry, sad and even suicidal.

2 – Depression can manifest itself in physical symptoms.  Depression doesn’t just affect your mood; it can also affect your body.  People who suffer from depression can have headaches, body aches, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue and other ailments.

3 – Depression isn’t for adults only.  More than 10 percent of adolescents, age 12 to 17, suffer from depression, which means that depression doesn’t just strike adults or seniors.  

4 – There are different levels of depression.  Not everyone who is depressed is suicidal.  Depression can be mild, moderate or severe.  Severe depression is also called clinical depression and those who have it must meet the criteria for a major depressive disorder in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).

5 – Even a slight change in behavior can be a symptom of depression.  If you notice that someone you love has become angrier or more rebellious or less active, it may be a symptom of depression.  Even the happiest people can be depressed though they may show their depression in different ways.

6 – Even the smallest setbacks can have a big impact on a depressed person.    People who suffer from depression don’t need much of a push for their mood to spiral out of control.  Not doing well on an exam or getting a traffic ticket can exacerbate their depression.  Criticism is also another trigger for many depressed people who are dealing with low self-esteem issues.

7 – It is possible to leave depression behind.  With the love and unqualified support of friends and family, antidepressant medications and the help of a depression counselor, depressed people can move forward in their lives without the symptoms of depression weighing them down.

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