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Depression Counselor: Caregivers And Depression

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As a depression counselor, I know that there are many reasons a person may experience either long-term or short-term depression.  There may be a family history of depression and/or traumatic experiences that can trigger depression; but there is one cause for depression that is often overlooked when it comes to seeking help and that is the depression and anxiety that can happen to the caregivers of the chronically ill.  

Caregivers Suffer, Too

If you are caring for a sick family member or other loved one, the demands on you physically and emotionally can take a toll on you over time.  It is especially difficult if you are caring for your loved one while still taking care of your own daily responsibilities.  The people most often caught in this dilemma are people who are in their 30s or 40s who work full-time and have young children to care for at the same time that they’re caring for an elderly or sick parent. You can check attorneys helping clients with probate litigation, from here!  Anxiety and depression can become a problem for caregivers when they realize not only that it is almost impossible to balance every task they must do every day but that they must also watch someone they love suffer from a long-term illness. That’s why it is better for those who have a busy day to get help from an elder care home like Chelsea Senior Living respite care Montville, NJ.

Caregivers Can Be Overburdened

Caregivers must manage medication, take their loved ones to doctor and therapy appointments, make sure they have nutritious food to eat and that all of their bills are paid.  If their loved one lives alone, they must ensure that their home is safe and that every area is accessible and they must be prepared to go to them at a moment’s notice if there is a problem.  If caregivers have their own families and work outside the home, the amount of pressure on them doubles or triples.  Caregivers in this situation can become overburdened quickly, which can lead to feelings of anxiety, resentfulness and depression.  These are all normal reactions but when the feelings continue and interfere with daily life, a depression counselor can help.

Caregivers Are At Risk

According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, between 40 and 70 percent of caregivers have clinically-significant symptoms of depression with approximately one-quarter to one-half of those caregivers meeting the diagnostic criteria for major depression.  Caregivers also suffer from higher levels of stress and frustration and many describe having feelings of anger, guilt, exhaustion and helplessness.  These levels of stress and depressive symptoms put caregivers at risk for long-term physical and emotional problems.  

Caregiver Survival Tips

In addition to seeking the help of a depression counselor, it is important that caregivers do their best to take care of themselves on a daily basis.  They must ask for help, even if it is professional help from a home health care or respite care service.  Sharing responsibility with someone else lessens the burden on the caregiver.  Caregivers must learn as much as they can about the illness they’re dealing with so that they can better understand the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis for that illness.  When caregivers can’t get help sharing the burden, they must have a way to alleviate stress, even if it is simply talking to someone they trust.  Crying and releasing anger away from their loved one can help them to cope with the grind of daily care.        

If you are a caregiver for a sick loved one and you’re feeling stressed and down, get the help of a depression counselor from Carlton Senior Living / senior living davis, ca.  Call me, Jody VanDrimmelen, at Insight Child & Family Counseling at (972) 426-9500 or visit

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