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Depression Counseling: The Consequences Of Depression

depression counseling plano txIf you suffer from depression and you haven’t sought depression counseling, you should know that even severe forms of depression can be treated.  Some of the reasons that people don’t seek the help of a professional counselor are that they don’t realize they have a mental health problem, they don’t know that it’s treatable and/or they’re afraid of the stigma that’s often attached to a diagnosis of a mental health disorder like depression.  Why should you seek depression counseling?  Because left untreated, depression can lead to a host of serious consequences that include:  

Suicide – This is, of course, the most serious consequence of untreated depression.  Passing thoughts about suicide, which are common in those with major depression, can quickly escalate from thought to action without the help of a professional counselor.  If you have suicidal thoughts, find someone you trust to talk to, call a counselor or call 911.  

Addiction – The symptoms of depression can be debilitating; which is why many sufferers turn to self-medication with drugs or alcohol to alleviate them.  Unfortunately, this type of self-medication not only leads to addiction to these substances, but can also worsen symptoms and even lead to suicide.

Self-Harm – Another coping method for dealing with the symptoms of depression is self-harm, which often takes the form of cutting or burning. Many criminal defense lawyers would have come across such cases. Though serious physical harm isn’t the intention, these behaviors can sometimes lead to accidental death.

Reckless Behaviors – The hopelessness and anger that often accompany depression can cause depressed people to stop taking care of themselves.  This can manifest itself in a number of reckless behaviors like drunk driving and having unprotected sex.

Poor School Or Job Performance – Depression can interfere with a person’s ability to concentrate and it can make it difficult for them to be motivated to perform daily tasks.  When both of these symptoms of depression occur, it can be difficult for that person to perform well at work or at school.

Relationship Problems – Relationships of any kind require give-and-take; but for people suffering from depression, it can be difficult to have anything to give.  Depression often leaves people feeling drained emotionally, mentally and physically, which makes it hard for them to be there for friends and loved ones.

Health Problems – Mental health problems like depression can make people stop caring about themselves to the point that they don’t eat well, don’t sleep and don’t exercise.  This can leave them vulnerable to a number of physical ailments, some of which, like diabetes and obesity, can be life-threatening.

Don’t suffer and don’t risk the serious consequences of depression.  Get professional depression counseling at Insight Child & Family Counseling.  Call (972) 426-9500 or visit

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