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Teen Counseling: Tips for Getting Teens to Accept Counseling

teen counseling plano txTeen Counseling: Tips for Getting Teens to Accept Counseling

The teenage and adolescent years are full of demanding requirements and emotional moments. Sometimes, it can be difficult for your teen to differentiate between everyday stressors and a deeper issue. It can be difficult to get your teen onboard with the idea of counseling. However, Insight Child & Family Counseling, your place for teen counseling, has tips to start this conversation between you and your teen.

Get the Conversation Started

Teenagers have a way of feeling misunderstood. When deciding your teen could benefit from counseling services, it can be tough to get them to agree. First, start the conversation between your teen and really listen to their responses. Teenagers simply want to be understood – try your best. Below are some questions to consider asking:

  • What are your concerns about seeing a counselor?
  • How can I help make you feel better about this decision?
  • What type of counselor would you feel safe speaking with?

There are many ways to connect with your teen as you speak. Make sure to stay positive and don’t use any negative language. After all, this is a difficult decision on their part as well.

Involve Your Teen

Once the conversation has ended, your teen may still feel a bit negatively towards the thought of counseling. However, by involving your teen in the process, they may start to feel comfortable.

Allow your teen to join you in the search for the right counselor. Let them ask questions and “interview” the counselors to make their decision. Perhaps your female teen would feel more comfortable with another female, or maybe your teen wants someone who does not ask too many questions but instead listens more. Whatever the case, make sure your teen is involved in the search.

Keep your teen involved by asking questions about how they are feeling and if they have any suggestions throughout the process. You should keep a line of open communication open throughout the entire counseling process. If any concerns should arise, your teen should feel comfortable coming to you.

Give Them the Best

Here at Insight Child & Family Counseling, we understand how difficult it can be for your teen to accept counseling as an option. However, our counseling process offers a safe environment for your teen and gives them the best counseling options available. Give us a call today to see how we can help at 972-426-9500. You can also visit our website with your teen to start the conversation at

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