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Counseling Corner: Clear Up The Misconceptions Around Depression

depression counseling arlington txWe live in a world of instant information. You can go to the internet and google any set of symptoms and immediate have a list of possible diagnosis’. When it comes to depression, its important to get the facts and understand that a lot of the information you will come across will be false. Some of the most common misconceptions about depression are:

1) Depression is always hereditary
2) Depression is not common
3) If your life is good, you won’t have depression
4) If you have depression, you’ll never be happy
5) Medication and therapy are cures for depression

At the end of the day, getting education and help from a licensed professional is what you need. At Insight Child & Family Counseling we have years of experience in depression counseling.  Whether you are the one suffering from depression or your loved one, arming yourself with correct information will make the battle that much more bearable. Call Insight Child & Family Counseling today at 972-426-9500 or visit us online for more information about depression.

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