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Marriage Counseling: Pre-Wedding Questions You Need To Discuss

Engagement is an exciting and busy time. There are arrangements to make, parties to throw and it truly is a time you should enjoy. All too often however, couples tend to get overwhelmed by the amount of stuff on their to do list. One thing that needs to stay a priority is pre-marital counseling. As a marriage counselor with years of experience, Insight Child & Family Counseling knows the issues that need to be discussed before the walk down the aisle.

Things Like:

1. Who Will Manage The Finances?

2. Do You Both Want Children? If So, How Many?

3. If You Both Have Careers, Whose Job Will Determine Where You Live?

4. What Do You Intend To Do To Stay In Love?

5. What Are Some Matters In Which The Two Of You Have Different Opinions?

An in-depth look at these questions with the help of a marriage counselor can help you uncover things about your partner that you might not have known before. Working through these situations before the wedding ensures that you are on the same page as you begin you life together. Marriage counseling is not just something that you seek out when your marriage is in trouble. Marriage counseling is a powerful tool that can help keep your relationship on track and moving in the direction you both desire. Give Insight Child & Family Counseling a call today to setup your pre-marital appointment You can also visit us online at for some more information about our practice and approach to counseling.

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