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Pornography Counseling: Effects Of Viewing Pornography

When it comes down to it, pornography is not just “harmless entertainment”. It is not the same as attending an art gallery or visiting a waterpark. Viewing pornography can have lasting effects on your life and your relationships. If you or someone you know is in the throes of pornography addiction, there are some things you need to understand.

1. Pornography can cause the creation and acceptance of distorted views on sexuality and the human body. Studies have shown that when you view pornography you are allowing the human form to be marginalized down to an object to be used for your “entertainment”.

2. People suffering with pornography addiction oftentimes lose interest in hobbies or things that once held their attention. Because pornography is so highly addictive it can become the only thing you think about at all hours of the day. Things that once brought you pleasure, such as spending time with your family or watching sports on tv, will no longer hold your attention or give you the joy it once did.

3. The limbic portion of the brain is overrun when viewing pornography. This part of the brain is what allows people to understand and process problems. When this portion of the brain is occupied, people don’t see the problems their behavior is causing them and those around them. Simply put, relationships suffer when someone is dealing with a pornography addiction.

At Insight Child & Family Counseling, we have seen the damage and devastation that pornography addiction can have on a individual, a marriage and a family. We have been doing this kind of counseling for years and we know what it takes to help you out of your addiction. Give us a call today and start on your road to recovery. Get your family back, get your life back and get your joy back. Call us at 972-426-9500. Or visit us online at for more information.

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