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Ask the Depression Counselor: Tips on Coping with Depression

Sometimes, sadness can overtake us. However, some sadness, pain and disappoint can linger for longer than we expect. Depression is real and affects millions of people living on the earth. A depression counselor can help you navigate your depression and find out what may have caused it in the first place. Between visits, however, you may wish to know how you can cope in your daily life with this disorder. Keep reading to discover some tips on handling your depression every day.

Reach Out to Others

Depression has a way of isolating us so that we spend much of our time alone. However, it is crucial to your health that you reach out to others and stay connected to others throughout your recovery. You can reach out to family members that you trust, or reach out to a social media group with other sufferers. There are also groups you can visit in your area that offer depression support. The main idea is to not lock yourself away during the day. One small step can be large enough to step completely out of your depression.

Find a Passion and Pursue It

Do you enjoy art? Maybe you enjoy writing blogs or letters. Whatever the case may be, it is important that you find a passion and pursue it. Doing something you thoroughly enjoy will help you forget about your emotions for a while, pushing you further away from your depression. If you are unsure of your passion, think about things you have enjoyed doing before and revisit them. The fun part is this: you can try anything once. Take a painting class or go for a walk in the park. Whatever it is, just make sure you focus on the happiness it brings to you.

Try and Get Some Sleep

You should always aim to get at least eight hours of sleep each night. Some sufferers state that they sleep too much and others say they do not sleep at all. If this is you, your counselor can help. Sleep is very important to your emotional, mental and physical health.

At Insight Child & Family Counseling, we believe in your health. It is our top priority. Dealing with depression is hard, but with a depression counselor, we can get you through it. Call us today and speak to a counselor now at 972-426-9500.  Or you can always visit us online at for more information about our practice.

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