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Teen Counseling Toolkit: How To Be Supportive

Is your teen struggling with anxiety or depression? Do they have outbursts of anger, show high levels of stress or have difficulty focusing? If any of these symptoms ring true, you may be searching for teen counseling to help. As a parent or caregiver, you may be worried that your teen will fight back at the idea of counseling. You may be wondering how you can best support your teen through this life change. Let’s discuss how you can be supportive of your teen’s counseling to make it easier for all of you.

Show Interest In Your Teen’s Progress

Throughout the teen counseling process, there will be times that your teen will show much progress in their treatment plan. It is important that you show interest in this progress. Ask questions, get to know their unique situation and learn about how your teen is learning to deal with their stressors, anxieties, and depression. As a parent or caregiver, you are an integral part of this progress. If you feel progress is not being made, it is also your responsibility to speak up.

Keep Your Spirits High

Although the struggle of teen counseling can be difficult for all parties, it is crucial that you have high spirits throughout the process. Your teen will be watching you close for signs of stress during their treatment. By keeping an open mind and your stress level low, your teen will sense your calm and follow suit.  Leading by example is the best way to show support during this difficult time of transition and learning.

Take Time To Talk

Believe it or not, your teen wants to talk to you too. Throughout their treatment, it is crucial that you take time out of your busy schedule to talk to them about their life, their interests, goals and what makes them tick. Learning more about your teen will help you counsel more at home after the true counseling session is over. This helps build a healthy relationship with your teen and can strengthen the progress your teen has made over the course of their counseling. You are the teen counselor’s partner.

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