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What Happens Before Anxiety Counseling Begins

Are you dealing with feelings of hopelessness, dread or fear? Do you often feel your heart fluttering or short of breath in these moments? You may be dealing with serious anxiety. If you are aware of your anxiety, you may be searching for a way to deal with the pain and stress of this disorder. Anxiety counseling is a great way to learn new ways to combat your anxiety and to help you grow from it. Before the counseling can happen, there are movements that must happen too. Here is what to expect before anxiety counseling begins.

Understanding Your Disorder

For your anxiety counseling to be effective, you must understand your disorder. Moments of fleeting anxiety or worry may not be a cause for anxiety counseling. However, crippling anxiety that makes your heart race, any panic attacks or anxiety that causes you grief or depression is a great indicator of a problem. You must understand what you are dealing with and then move on to finding a solution. Sometimes, you may speak with your family doctor prior to seeking counseling.

A Doctor’s Referral

For some insurances, a doctor’s referral may be required prior to anxiety counseling services. It is important that you visit your doctor, speak to him or her about your symptoms and mention that you would like a counselor to speak to. A doctor’s referral may also help you schedule an appointment quicker than without one. Make sure you contact your insurance company before scheduling an appointment to make sure any authorization is not required and to make sure the benefit is covered. Then, you are ready to make an appointment.


After you schedule your first appointment, you should ask if there are any forms you can fill out before your appointment while you have time to think and prepare. You should also gather a quick list of any medications that you take, as well as over the counter medications. A quick history of your anxiety is also helpful if you can gather the information. You will also want to make sure you have your insurance card, ID and any other paperwork your counselor may need. Prepare in advance to make the first visit easier and less hectic.

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