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How Anxiety Counseling Can Help With Specific Phobias

While anxiety can cover a broad array of feelings, a phobia is the fear of a specific object or situation. For example, the fear of snakes is called Ophidiophobia and the fear of crowds is called Enochlophobia. When you are dealing with a phobia you will often times go beyond what is appropriate or reasonable to avoid that object or situation.

It is normal to feel fear in dangerous situations. If you encounter a large, growling dog it is reasonable to feel fear. However, a phobia is when the “threat” you feel is greatly exaggerated or even non-existent. What is important to remember is that, for those suffering with a phobia, their fear is very real. Whether you as a bystander thinks so or not.

When it comes to phobias, anxiety counseling can be very beneficial. Insight Child & Family Counseling specializes in anxiety and depression counseling and can help you face your fears head on. Still worried anxiety counseling isn’t the right fit for you? Learn more about our practice and approach to counseling online at And then give us a call to setup your first appointment. 972-426-9500.

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