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Teen Counseling Tips: Balancing A Job And School

The teenage years are an exciting time of life when your teen has a little more freedom and responsibility. A great way for them to develop this responsibility and manage their freedom in a safe atmosphere is by entering the work force. There are some things you should know as parents before your teen starts their first job outside of the home.

1) Start Slow. Remember that their schoolwork needs to still be a priority. Many places that hire teenagers have specific shifts designated for teenage workers. As a rule of thumb, stick to a 15 hour work week (or less) at first.

2) Be Supportive As A Family. What your teen is setting out to do will help them gain experience in the work force. Instead of focusing on the time they won’t have, make the most of the time you have together.

3) Make Organization A Priority. When it comes to balancing school and work, it is definitely a team effort. Your teen will likely feel an increase of stress at first as they figure out how to find the time for all of their new responsibilities. As parents you can help them organize their schedule and be an example of good time management.

4) Know When To Make Changes. Open communication is a must when the family is on the go. Make sure you take time to check in with your teen and make sure they aren’t feeling overwhelmed by their work load. If you start to notice signs of anxiety or depresson about going to work or school, a change might be in order.

Even though adding a job to mix can be difficult for some teens, it can also provide them with an added sense of self esteem and confidence. If you notice your teen’s job taking a toll on them or anxiety and depression start to creep in, give Insight Child & Family Counseling a call today at 972-426-9500. Or visit us online at for some other helpful resources regarding your teen.

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