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3 Things You Need to Know About Depression Counseling

Depression counseling may seem easy to define. You might think that depression counseling is for crippling sadness and is only for severe bouts of depression that you may not have experienced. The truth is that depression counseling is much more than that and can be a beneficial tool for most individuals. Insight Child & Family Counseling offers depression counseling to all individuals with a need. Here are three things you need to know now about depression counseling.

Depression Counseling Doesn’t Last Long

You may be surprised to know that depression counseling or counseling in general does not last long. Instead, it will last as long as the individual needs it, an average of 5 visits nationally. However, this does not mean you will not need services for a longer period of time. Counseling itself does not last a lifetime, especially for acute depression due to loss or disaster. Instead, counseling is help during a transition that anyone can find helpful, no matter the situation. The length of time is up to the individual and their specific needs, and you can stop at any time you feel.

You Don’t Have to Have Clinical Depression

Depression counseling doesn’t have to mean that you have a clinical diagnosis of depression. Counseling is used for transition periods in your life, your teen’s life or your child’s life that brings about sadness or grief as well as depression. Counseling is available to help when circumstances cause emotions that linger, or you need some support and confidence as you walk through a situation. Depression counseling can help those with depression, yet it doesn’t stop there. Instead, it is perfect for individuals who need extra help dealing with difficult emotions and events.

Depression Counseling Is for All Ages

Depression can hit at any age and during any walk of life. Depression counseling is for any age and can be very beneficial from the young to the old. Children can benefit from counseling that involves art therapy, and teenagers can benefit from cognitive therapy as well. Even the elderly who are dealing with dementia can benefit from depression counseling.

Insight Child & Family Counseling offers many services for you and your family. Reach out today to learn more! 972-426-9500.

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