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3 Questions to Ask Your Depression Counselor

Whether you are searching for a depression counselor, or you are currently enrolled in counseling, navigating the relationship with your counselor can seem overwhelming. From the first visit to the last visit, communicating with your depression counselor is crucial for your counseling therapy success. For new patients and recurring patients, sessions can sometimes be difficult when you feel down and out. Here are three questions to ask your depression counselor that you may not have considered.

What are your strengths as a counselor?

This question will help you get to know your counselor in a deeper way. It takes the conversation to another level and gives you a break in the conversation. If you are new to counseling, this question will help you discover how your counselor proceeds with treatment and ultimately if you will be a good fit with one another. You may be surprised to find out that your counselor is strong in exactly what ails you, making you feel confident in their counseling prowess. If you do not feel comfortable, there is always an option to change to another therapist or facility.

What are your weaknesses as a counselor?

This question, much like the first, can help you get to know your counselor even more. Sometimes, we find it difficult to answer the questions about our strengths and not so much with our weaknesses. Your counselor should be seen as a human with flaws, just like you. It is easier to speak to someone openly when you can communicate on a similar level and develop a nice working relationship. Who knows, the counselor’s weaknesses may be similar to your own, and you can learn a lot from someone with experience. This can help you find a match to your concerns.

Have you ever engaged in counseling?

It may seem difficult to see your counselor in counseling themselves, yet it is important to understand their background as much as possible. It can seem bold to ask this question, yet, it may help you find a counselor who has had assistance in overcoming the same issues you are seeking help for which can be beneficial to your health and wellness.

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