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When to Seek an Anxiety Counselor for Postpartum Depression

You have a brand-new addition to your family, and things couldn’t be better. You’re enjoying your time with your new little one, and suddenly, everything feels as if it is spinning out of control. You have heard of postpartum depression and anxiety before, but you feel as if it can’t happen to you. The truth is, it can. If you are dealing with extreme emotions that you feel are taking over your new family life, it may be time to seek out some help. Here are some signs to look for.

Overwhelming Mood Swings

As your body returns to normal, you will deal with all kinds of emotion due to hormone levels. However, if you are experiencing overwhelming mood swings that take over your life at home, you may be dealing with more than hormones. You may go from overjoyed one minute to completely devastated the next. You may also feel an extreme sense of grief often. Your significant other may take notice.

You Cry – A Lot

Crying is normal during postpartum weeks. However, when you are crying all day long and seem to burst into tears at any moment, you may be dealing with postpartum depression or anxiety. Sometimes, you may cry over what seems like nothing, perhaps even something that happened years ago. You may not be able to tend to your normal activities due to your emotions.

You Feel Disconnected from Your New Baby

New mothers often feel a bit disconnected from their new baby at first. Some have an instant attachment. However, if you feel an extreme disconnect that results in feelings of dread or hatred, you may need to seek out help. Sometimes, postpartum depression can make you feel things you do not at all mean to feel. This is normal. However, you shouldn’t have to spend these first months this way.

You Have Thoughts of Suicide or Self-Harm

Thoughts of suicide or self-harm are not normal and should be cause for concern. If you have thoughts of harm towards your baby or others, you need to let your spouse or significant other know. Again, postpartum depression and anxiety can cause extreme feelings that you do not mean.

If you think you are suffering from PPD, it is time to seek out help through anxiety counseling. Insight Child & Family Counseling understands that you want to return to normal and enjoy your new bundle of joy. Give us a call today at 972-426-9500 or visit us online at to learn more about our practice and approach toward PPD.


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