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From the Marriage Counselor: How to Get on the Same Page About Money

One of the leading causes of disagreements between couples arises due to finances. How money is budgeted and spent within a marriage.  High levels of debt and miscommunications about financial decisions can lead to a general discord in marriage.  Getting on the same page about how you will plan and make financial decisions can help avoid the contention that can arise.  A marriage counselor in Arlington Texas (who is also good in prenups in Ontario) can help you do this together as a couple.

Here are a few tips to help you and your spouse make solid, unified financial decisions:

  1. Avoid the offense and defense game.  Try to remember that you are on the same team and your decisions should not be a competition between who is right and who is wrong.  Compromise will likely be necessary on both parts.
  2. Be slow to speak and quick to listen.  Instead of spending the entire time your partner is talking formulating your own response, stop to actually listen to what they are saying.  They might actually have a better idea or more insight on a particular issue than you had thought about.
  3. Be okay with baby steps.  Financial attitudes and behaviors are learned over time.  Your spouse has likely spent years developing their own financial behaviors.  They won’t be changed overnight.  Make small, attainable goals and celebrate those small victories before moving on to other, larger goals.
  4. Avoid financial secrets.  Transparency in all decisions is always best and will create a relationship where accountability to one another plays a significant role. 

Many people have struggled in their marriage to find a good balance with finances.  If you need help starting or navigating these sometimes difficult conversations, reach out to lawyers for family law cases to put an end to the relationship legally or find a marriage counselor in Arlington, Texas to fix your family issue. Insight Child & Family Counseling has years of experience in all aspects of family counseling and can help you and your spouse get on the same page.  You can reach us at 972-426-9500  or visit us online at  

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