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LDS Marriage Counselor: Creating Positivity

Happy couples look for/create positivity in their marriages

An LDS marriage counselor can help you create and focus on a healthy marriage.  A healthy marriage puts more weight on the positive side of the equation in their marriages.  Like the law of Thermodynamics, which says that in a closed systems things tend to run down and get less orderly, the same is true of closed relationships like marriage.  If you do nothing to make things better in your marriage, but do not do anything wrong, the marriage will still tend to get worse over time.  To maintain a balanced emotional relationship you need to make an effort … to think about your spouse during the day.  Think about how to make it better then act!  Remember that “Faith without works is dead” is also true in marriage. We must constantly put good things into a marriage if we want it to grow into a lasting relationship.   For example:                                        

SHOW INTEREST: Be actively interesting in what your partner is saying.  Truly listen.  Timely “uh huhs” “nods” and looking at your partner when they are speaking show you are interesting and following the conversation.

BE AFFECTIONATE:  You can show affection in low key, subtle ways, simply through quiet actions of tenderness, touching or holding hands while you watch TV or sit together at church or in a movie.   Little things you say or do can remind your partner of your affection. Voice your feelings of love and concern for your partner.              

SHOW YOU CARE: Small Acts of thoughtfulness are a powerful way to boost the positivity in your marriage.  A small gift, a note in a lunch or on the bathroom mirror expressing admiration or love can send a message of love.  Call and check on him/her during the day or send a text!                    

BE APPRECIATIVE:  Think about and remember the positive moments from your past together.  Stoking these positive memories and thoughts is a counter balance to those moments when you may be carried away by negativity.  Look for things to compliment in your partner and then do it!              

SHARE YOUR JOY:  When you feeling delighted, excited or just having a really good time, let your partner know it!

To get more information about strengthening your marriage call the #1 LDS marriage counselor.  At Insight Child and Family Counseling our treatment approach is to provide support and practical feedback to all of our clients and to do so in a friendly, calm and positive atmosphere.  Visit us online at or call us at 972-426-9500 for more information.

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