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LDS Counselor: What to Know About Family Therapy

When you have a problem within your family, asking for help can be difficult; but an LDS counselor may be the answer.  An LDS counselor knows that dealing with family issues like addiction, depression or divorce can be embarrassing and sensitive and that healing the family is just as important as healing individuals.  Whether you’re experiencing a family issue now or you think there is the potential for one in the near future, you should know a little more about what family therapy is and what a family therapist can do.

What Family Therapy Is And Why It’s Important

Each family is a unique social group that has its own structure, hierarchy and way of communicating.  The way a specific family operates is influenced by a number of factors including the beliefs and values of the parents, the input of extended family members and the personalities of individuals in the family.  These factors not only bond family members to each other emotionally, they also determine the behavior of the family as a whole.   When one person disrupts the way the family works, the lives of all of the individual members of the family are affected.  Family therapy can help individual family members so that the family can once again function effectively.  It can also help to determine if the problems of an individual are a symptom of a larger problem within the entire family.  

How A Family Therapist Can Help

An LDS counselor can help in a number of ways including:

  ▪ Helping to identify conflicts and stressors and helping the family to develop strategies to resolve them

  ▪ Showing family members how healthy families operate and how theirs is different   

  ▪ Teaching family members how to handle problems and conflicts in productive and healthy ways

  ▪ Identifying the family member who may have a problem but helping the family as a whole

Just as all families are unique, therapy for each family must be unique and will depend on the kind and severity of the problem the individual or family has and the willingness of individuals in the family to participate in therapy and to accept responsibility for their actions.  An LDS counselor will work with the family to set goals for therapy and a timeline to achieve those goals.

When You Should Consider Family Therapy

Family therapy can be useful to head off a potential problem.  For instance, a newly-married couple trying to bond two sets of children may want family therapy so that they and their children can discuss problems that may arise in the future.  For most families, though, therapy happens after there is already an issue that is causing stress.  You should consider family therapy if you are having a conflict with your spouse, if you have a child who has behavioral problems, you have two or more children who are in conflict or you have an individual family member who has a chronic, mental illness like depression or an addiction to alcohol, illegal narcotics or even pornography.

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