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LDS Marriage Counselor: 4 Marriage Facts To Remember

An LDS marriage counselor can help you with a number of marriage-related issues that can quickly derail your relationship.  An LDS marriage counselor can also help you to remember some important facts that are true for every marriage and that will help you to avoid some problems and to understand that many problems are transitory.

1 – Every Couple Has Problems

No matter how perfect and happy some couples that you know may seem to be, they have problems in their marriage that don’t necessarily show in public.  Problems in a relationship don’t have to be devastating, like abuse or addiction, but they can be troubling.  Arguments about money or children or work can cause rifts that range from minor to major; but that doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t a loving one.  Envying other couples who seem too perfect to be true can be detrimental to your marriage if you don’t understand that the only way all marriages are unique is in the types of problems they have, not the presence or absence of problems.

2 – Relationships And Feelings Change Over Time     

The idea that you’re not always going to love your partner in the same way that you did at the beginning of your relationship is hard for some people to deal with.  Often they think that if they don’t feel the same amount of passion and all-consuming need to be with their partner that the marriage is failing and that they’re falling out of love.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The romantic feelings you had when you were dating were not meant to last; they were meant to develop into a deeper, more mature type of love.  You may also feel that  your marriage is failing if the nature of it changes over time.  Aging, children, job changes and health problems happen to most marriages and if you focus on keeping your marriage healthy, you can both withstand any changes life sends your way.

3 – You Can’t Control Your Partner

People who feel that their marriages are changing for the worse often blame their partners, which can lead to attempts to change that person to fix the marriage.  Nagging, begging and emotional blackmail won’t change your husband or wife; it will only cause them to resent you and it will likely damage the marriage further.  The only person in your relationship that you can control is yourself.  The best you can do is to spend your energy becoming the best partner you can be.

4 – A Good Marriage Takes Effort

Healthy marriages don’t happen by accident and they don’t happen without some help from both you and your spouse.  You must make a concerted effort to make your relationship a priority even if you both work, you have children and you have other obligations.  Taking each other and your relationships for granted can lead to problems.  You must remember that your spouse is the person you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life with and he or she deserves your attention.  

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