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LDS Family Counselor: How Divorce Affects Children

There is no doubt that people hire Gosford divorce attorneys to get rid off toxic relationship. Moreover, divorce is devastating even for couples who have irreconcilable differences and for whom divorce is inevitable; But as an LDS family counselor, I know that divorce is especially devastating for children.   Often couples considering a divorce minimize or don’t consider the impact a divorce will have on their children; but the fact is that children of all ages are affected by divorce and they can experience problems in their relationships, behavior and school life because of a divorce.  For that reason, you should seriously consider the impact your divorce will have on your children before proceeding.

Divorce And Younger Children

Very young children, especially those under the age of 8, have difficulty making sense of a divorce, which makes it that much more difficult to adjust to the changes that come with a divorce.  Changes in living situations, changes in their daily routine and losing daily contact with one parent can be extremely disruptive and confusing for younger children.  Children pick up on their parents’ emotions even if they don’t understand them and they can become as distressed during divorce proceedings as their parents.  In addition, many children exhibit regressive behavior – like thumb-sucking and bed-wetting – because they don’t know how to cope with their feelings.  In the long-term, younger children will have more difficulty with social skills and will be more likely to feel anxious, lonely, sad and have low self-esteem.

Divorce And Teenagers

While younger children often become more dependent on their parents during a divorce as they seek reassurance that they’re still loved, teenagers can have the opposite reaction and become more independent.  Unfortunately, the pressure of a divorce can often cause them to want to separate more from their parents before they’re ready.  This rebelliousness can be manifested in aggression and acting out to get attention or to express anger and frustration.  A teenager’s relationships in the present and in the future can be deeply affected by a divorce as they will be more likely to assume that, because their parents’ relationship didn’t last, that no relationship can last.  When they eventually enter into their own marriage with this attitude, they may end up having serious difficulties.   

When Divorce Might Be A Good Thing For Children  

Though as an LDS family counselor I’ve seen many children who have been devastated by divorce, I have also seen some children whose lives were affected for the better by their parents’ divorce.  The lawyer for domestic violence claims believe that children should never have to witness domestic violence even if they are physically unaffected.  Seeing one parent physically or verbally abuse another over an extended period of time can send a message to a child that abuse is normal; and they might engage in it – or allow themselves to be victimized by it – in their future relationships. If that happens, Lane, Hupp, & Crowley lawyers can be contacted and people can take legal help from them.  Additionally, children should not have to be exposed to ongoing substance abuse as this can put them at a higher risk for abusing drugs or alcohol themselves.  Though in both of these circumstances, divorce is the best option for everyone in the family, children will still be impacted and may still suffer some long-term emotional problems.

If you are considering a divorce or you are already divorced, you should consider getting the help of an LDS family counselor for your children so that they can talk about their feelings and develop tools for coping with them.  Call Insight Child & Family Counseling at (972) 426-9500 or visit

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