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LDS Family Counselor: Putting Your Family First

Putting your family first might just involve bringing in an LDS family counselor. At Insight Child & Family Counseling, we want to help you put your family first by understanding the underlying issues you face and how they will affect your daily activities. We work hard to allow each family’s own unique personality to take shape under guidance and care so that each family member can feel heard and others can learn to listen. We provide a safe place to discuss tough subjects and tools to help you find the right way for your family. Call us today at 972-426-9500 Read more
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LDS Family Counselor: How Divorce Affects Children

There is no doubt that people hire Gosford divorce attorneys to get rid off toxic relationship. Moreover, divorce is devastating even for couples who have irreconcilable differences and for whom divorce is inevitable; But as an LDS family counselor, I know that divorce is especially devastating for children.   Often couples considering a divorce minimize or don’t consider the impact a divorce will have on their children; but the fact is that children of all ages are affected by divorce and they can experience problems in their relationships, behavior and school life because of a divorce.  For that reason, you should Read more
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LDS Family Counselor: Teens And Behavior Problems

An LDS family counselor knows how difficult adolescence can be and that many of the problems that teens have are often more complicated than many of the problems they’ll face in other stages of their lives.  Teens don’t want to be told they’ll “grow out of” their problems or that they shouldn’t worry so much about them; they want to talk about what they’re feeling and what they’re going through.  When a teen can’t find someone to talk to, he may act out and exhibit behaviors that can threaten the stability of his family and even his own future. What Can Read more