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LDS Family Counselor: Your Child And Anxiety

As an LDS family counselor (who are always being suggested by the NJ DWI defense attorneys), I know that parenting and the child-parent relationship can be difficult at times.  There are any number of reasons every day for parents to worry about their children and, often, when there is a real problem, children don’t confide in their parents first, or at all in some cases.  But as a parent, you may not have to be told that your child is having a problem to know that one exists.  

Your Child’s Anxiety

Have you noticed that your child has gotten easier to anger, isolates himself from friends and family, exhibits fearful, worried or nervous behavior?  For a child, the causes for these kinds of feelings can include not doing well in school, starting a new school, being bullied at school or having one or more parents who are often away from home.  These are all justifiable reasons for your child to be experiencing anxiety – anxiety that is a normal part of brain function.  In fact, anxiety and fear is our brain’s way of protecting us from danger.  You know that even as an adult, you experience nervous feelings when you’re faced with an uncomfortable or unusual situation.  

When Does Normal Anxiety Become A Problem?

Anxiety becomes a problem when it interferes with the normal functioning of your child’s life and his quality of life.  When this happens, it can cause your child to become distressed and irritable; he may also exhibit a dislike for activities he once enjoyed or he may even stop these activities altogether.  In addition, fixating on their anxiety can cause them to develop a fear of becoming anxious and this fear can begin to dominate their thinking to the point that they become anxious thinking about becoming anxious.  In children, these feelings can be tricky because they often don’t understand why they have such overwhelming and powerful feelings and they can’t differentiate between reality and perception.  When anxiety becomes a major problem in your child’s life, it can prevent him from realizing his potential in every way.     

What You Can Do

As a parent, you want to fix things for your child; but that isn’t always possible.  Aside from providing your child with compassion and understanding, you should seek the help of a knowledgeable LDS family counselor who can give you the tools, support and guidance you need to help your child cope with their anxiety.  Together, you can find a way to effectively manage fears and anxiety.     

If you feel your child’s anxiety and fear is crippling him and damaging his quality of life, get help.  Call me, Jody VanDrimmelen, at Insight Child & Family Counseling at (972) 426-9500.  I am an LDS family counselor and I can help your child manage his fears so that he can realize his potential and have the happiest life possible.

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