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Anxiety Counselor: Tips For Managing Anxiety

These are stressful times we live in; and as an anxiety counselor, I’ve seen how difficult it is for some people to deal with stress, pressure and hardships in their private lives and in their dealings with the world at large.  These people often develop forms of chronic anxiety that can be debilitating.  The truth is that most, if not all, people feel some level of anxiety at some point (or at multiple points) in their lives.  Part of the human condition is dealing with fear and anxiety about the knowns and the unknowns in life.  If you find yourself feeling restless, feeling unable to set your worries aside or feeling fear that seems out of proportion to a trigger event, you may need to learn how to manage your anxiety before it becomes a problem.  Here are some tips that can help:

✓ Step Away From The Problem

If possible, take time away from a problem or situation that is causing you anxiety.  There are a number of ways to clear your head that include meditation, taking a yoga class, listening to calming music and getting a massage.

✓ Exercise Daily

You may wonder what exercise has to do with stress and anxiety; you should know that a regular exercise routine that includes 2 to 3 hours of moderate physical activity each week can cause your brain to release chemicals called endorphins that trigger positive, even euphoric, feelings.

✓ Watch What You Eat And Drink

Limit alcohol and caffeine, which can trigger anxiety and even panic attacks.  Be sure to steer clear of traditional comfort foods that are high in fat, as these can result in a feeling of lethargy.  Eat well-balanced meals low-fat, high-fiber and rich in carbohydrates to keep your energy level up.

✓ Get Plenty Of Sleep

A lack of sleep, for whatever reason, may be one of the primary reasons that you’re feeling stressed and anxious.  Even a small amount of sleep deprivation can affect your memory, judgment and mood.

✓ Try To Figure Out What’s Causing Your Anxiety

Is there one specific thing, person, event, activity that triggers your anxiety?  Pay attention and keep a “stress” journal so that you can note when you feel excess anxiety, which can help you to find a pattern that can identify stressors and help you to eliminate or avoid them.

✓ Talk To Someone

Talk to friends and family about your feelings.  Often, airing feelings of anxiety can help to reduce them.  If you feel you’re being overwhelmed by your feelings of anxiety, a qualified anxiety counselor can help.

✓ Accept That Some Things Are Out Of Your Control

In the end, there are only so many situations and people you have control over and, for the rest, you must understand that you can’t control them.  This may help to put your stress and anxiety in perspective.

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