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Child Counselor: Does Your Teen Need Therapy?

As a child counselor, I know that a teenager’s life can be fraught with turmoil and anxiety that arise not just from an overload of hormones but from family and school pressures as well.   I also know that when teens are going through difficult times, they can feel more supported by talking to a therapist, whether it’s a therapist at school or a private therapist.  Teenagers often feel sad, angry or overwhelmed by events and feelings and a therapist can help them to sort out those feelings, find solutions to their problems and help them to feel better.

Reasons Teens May Seek Therapy

There are a number of situations teenagers may find themselves in that can be helped by therapy.  These include:

  ▪ Feeling sad, depressed or stressed out

  ▪ Dealing with eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia

  ▪ Cutting or hurting themselves

  ▪ Coping with a chronic illness that makes life difficult

  ▪ Dealing with family problems like divorce or addiction

  ▪ Suffering from physical or sexual abuse

  ▪ Coping with a traumatic event like the death of a loved one

  ▪ Sorting out anger issues or problems with peers


What A Therapist Can Do For A Teen

Most types of therapy include talking and listening.  When a teen talks to a therapist about stressors in their lives or difficult situations they’re in, it gives the therapist the information they need to set therapy goals and to figure out what will help their patient.  As a child counselor, my goal is to build trust with my patients so that they can openly discuss any subject without fear and, ultimately, to give them the support and guidance they need to make their lives better.

A Therapist Will Respect Your Teen’s Privacy

Unless your teen states an intention to hurt himself or someone else, a therapist has an ethical obligation to keep what he or she says to them private – even from you.  Though you may want to know everything your child discusses, not speaking about it to you is the only way a therapist can gain and keep your child’s trust.  That trust will allow your teen to be completely open about their problems, which is the only way progress can be made toward a solution.

If you are the parent of a teenager who is going through emotional or psychological difficulty, get the help of a child counselor by calling us at Insight Child & Family Counseling at (972) 426-9500.  You can also visit us online at to find out more about our services and how we can help.  

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