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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Seeking Out A Marriage Counselor

Before you reach out for the help of a marriage counselor there are some questions you can ask yourself to determine the kind of help you are looking for. For instance:

1) Are you looking to save your marriage? Or do you need help navigating your relationship through a divorce and working out the logistics of children and moving forward?

2) Is there another party involved? Was there an affair in the past or an ongoing affair that needs to be addressed?

3) What are the main issues that you (individually or as a couple) need help through? Do you communicate poorly or not at all? Are you not spending enough time together? Do you disagree on parenting and situations related to the children?

For marriage counseling to be most effective, you have to take a deep look at yourself and not just your spouse. Oftentimes change on both parties is required if you wish to save the marriage or even just to move forward as civilized exes. As a marriage counselor with many years of experience, Insight Child & Family Counseling is ready to help you through whatever issues or roadblocks your marriage is facing. For more information on the type of counseling we offer, visit us online at Or give us a call at 972-426-9500 to setup your first appointment today.

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