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5 Signs You Need a Marriage Counselor

As a newly married couple, it can be a time of love and happiness and seemingly never-ending honeymooning. You may find that you are more in love than before you were married, simply because you are sharing a space together. The thought of having a marriage counselor may sound absurd.

However, it is true that marriage counseling could be beneficial, even to those who are happily married. When trouble arises, it is best to be prepared with coping mechanisms and strategic communication tools. Or, if you find that you are struggling together, it may be time to reach out.

Here are five signs that you may benefit from a marriage counselor.

1) You Have Trouble Communicating

If you are having trouble communicating with one another, it may be a sign that some counseling is in order. Poor communication could mean trouble talking to one another in general or perhaps constant misunderstandings.

You can reach out to a skilled marriage counselor who can sit down with you and discuss your communication skills and how to effectively improve them. After all, marriage is all about communication and being on the same page.

2) You Are Keeping Secrets

Not all secrets are completely detrimental to your marriage’s health. However, each secret leads to a bigger secret. If you find yourself withholding simple information or bigger secrets from your spouse, there may be an underlying issue.

3) You Find Yourself Trying to Change the Other

Put simply; you cannot change anyone but yourself. If you feel that things would improve if your spouse would change, you are setting yourself up for emotional stress and your spouse up for failure.

You should consult a counselor to help you with discussing why you feel this need to change the other.

4) You Argue About the Same Thing Over and Over Again

Little arguments can happen in any relationship. However, it is how you handle it that counts. If you can resolve arguments and never look back, this is healthy. However, if you find yourself and your spouse arguing about the same thing many times, your communication could be suffering.

5) You Have Trouble Showing Affection

If your marriage started out as affectionate and has since begun to become difficult in that department, it may be time to seek help. Although some people are less affectionate than others, an extreme shift is a sign of trouble.

An experienced marriage counselor, like Insight Child & Family Counseling, can help you in many ways throughout your marriage. Whether suffering or happy, a marriage counselor is a great idea for communication and problem-solving. Give us a call at 972-426-9500 to setup your first appointment.  Or visit us online at for some free resources and tools.

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