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Marriage Counseling: Navigating The Way

The first thing your marriage counselor will want to discuss in counseling is what you feel your individual issues in your marriage are. Maybe you know exactly what they are or maybe you are having trouble pinpointing an exact cause. Here are a few examples of areas of counseling and possible questions your counselor might ask you:

1. Trust
-Is there anything you feel you can’t trust your partner with?

2. Happiness
-Do you feel as if your partner cares about your happiness?

3. Stress
-After a stressful day, do you confide in your partner?

4. Intimacy
-Do you feel as if your partner listens, really listens, when you speak?

5. Faithfulness
-Have you ever thought about seeing someone else while married to your partner?

6. Your Past
-Is there anything in the past that has happened with your partner that still bothers you?

7. Your Future
-What would you like to accomplish in your future with your partner?

Sometimes when counseling is sought out, the issues aren’t immediately known. A qualified and experienced marriage counselor can help you navigate your feelings and come to an understanding of your marriage. Insight Child & Family Counseling has years of experience in helping couples pinpoint their marriage issues and work together towards healing. Give us a call today at 972-426-9500 or visit us online at for more information.

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