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What You Can Expect for Your Child in Teen Counseling

It can be a scary time for all. Your child is now a teenager who is dealing with school, homework, friends, family, and emotions that he or she is not used to having. As a parent, it can be a struggle to watch your teen deal with anxiety, depression or severe emotions such as anger. Sometimes, it may be best for your child to have teen counseling to help them cope with life as a teen. If you are worried about what is available or what you can expect, Insight Child & Family Counseling is here to help.

The First Steps

The first steps are always difficult but talking with your teen about seeing a counselor can start them on their road to healing.  Remember, you can always speak to your child’s counselor about any concern you may have.  However, you have to remember that the counselor has to abide by a strict code of ethics.  They cannot disclose to you what is discussed in counseling with your teen.  The only exceptions to that is if your counselor is concerned for their safety or the safety of others.   After you are ready to move forward, you should research counselors in your area and prepare a list of options. Or, you can grab a referral from a doctor that you trust for your child. Sometimes, your child’s doctor has to refer other children to a counselor, therefore knowing the best option in your area.

The First Visit

Now that you have found the perfect teen counselor for your child, it is time to schedule the first visit. It may be difficult for your teen to understand at first. You should have a conversation about what they can expect and how it will help them in the long run. Before your first visit, you should prepare all documents such as new patient forms, insurance forms, and logs. It will speed up the process.

To begin, your counselor may meet with you and your teen together to go over expectations, rules questions.  Then, your counselor may choose to speak to your teen personally about their emotions and may ask some basic questions to start. Your teen may be apprehensive, but it will soon pass once they begin to trust their counselor.

It may be difficult to understand why your child feels the way they do. However, teen counseling is a great option for you and your teen. Get started today by called Insight Child & Family Counseling in Plano, TX to schedule a visit with our trained teen counselors. 972-426-9500. You can also visit us online to learn more about our practice and the types of counseling we offer.

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