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Fear Of The Depression Counselor? Here’s How To Beat It

Throughout our lifetime, we can have moments of struggle. Whether we lose a family member, are dealing with severe grief, or something tragic happens to us, there are moments of depression. However, when depression becomes too difficult for us to manage and we sink into it, we may need help to get back out. A depression counselor can help you unpack your feelings and learn to cope instead of leaving them to fester on the inside. However, if the thought of visiting the depression counselor leaves you feeling frightened and stressed, there are ways to deal with that. Here’s how to beat it.

Talk It Out

Reach out to a family member or friend about the depression you are dealing with. You can mention that you are looking for a depression counselor, yet you are scared of the possibility. They may be able to give you some insight on the need for counseling and how they would feel if you went. Sometimes, we need a simple little push from a friend to get us where we need to be in life. They may even offer to go along with you to your first visit.

Talk To A Counselor First

In many cases, you can talk to a counselor before your appointment. You can ask questions about what to expect and even get to know them better. This may help you feel more comfortable and at ease with your depression counselor, prior to starting your counseling. If you still feel uncomfortable or if the counselor is not a good fit, you are still able to change your mind. Remember that the power to change is in your hands, you do not have to lose control to get better.

Remember The Goal

Always remember your goal: getting to live depression free. There are steps you must take to live a depression free life, one of these steps may be to receive counseling from a depression counselor. Make sure you have a great support system behind you to remind you when you forget. It is crucial that you remember why you sought out depression counseling in the first place.

If you are still fearful, give Insight Child & Family Counseling a call at 972-426-9500. We are here to make you comfortable and help you cope. For more information about our practice, you can also visit us online at

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