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When To Seek Child Counseling

Is your child dealing with some tough emotions? Do you feel they are crying, screaming or inflicting pain on others due to trouble inside of them? Are you constantly struggling with tantrums and breakdowns out and about? It may be a sign that your child is in need of child counseling. Although the words can be scary, child counseling is something that is made with your child in mind. Child counselors are here to help. Keep reading to discover how to know if your child is in need of counseling and what to do if they are.

Your Child Has An Eating Disorder

Is your child experiencing the symptoms of an eating disorder? This could include not eating at all or eating way too much. Sometimes, younger children are not able to tell you what they are experiencing, and you must decide for yourself. If you see a child not wanting to eat or maybe tells you that they are afraid to eat, you may have an eating disorder on your hands. It is time to take action.

Your Child Has Family History of Mental Disorders

Do you have a family history of mental disorders? If so, your child is at a greater risk of developing one. You must keep an eye on your child, and for any symptoms you see of mental illness. It is always best to take action as soon as the symptoms arise. Getting help is crucial in their recovery and their treatment. Symptoms may include anger, excessive crying, overeating, acting out, hitting others and fighting with others.

Your Child Has Been Self-Harming

Cutting or any other form of self-harm is reason enough for seeking help by itself. A child who feels they must hurt themselves or inflict pain on themselves is one who is dealing with some heavy emotion. Mental illness often happens and isn’t caught until self-harming begins. Seek out a counselor immediately if these symptoms should arise. The quicker you find help, the easier it will be to reverse this form of anxiety and depression.

If you feel your child needs a child counseling session, give Insight a call today at 972-426-9500. Or visit us online at  We are here to help you and your child deal with their depression and anxiety.

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