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Teen Counseling: What to Do When Your Teen Goes to College

Do you have a teen that is struggling with depression or anxiety? You may have considered teen counseling or, your teen may be currently enrolled in counseling. Either way, you may be wondering what happens when you teen graduates high school this year and moves on to college. Although this is a time of stress, there are counseling options for teens at the college level. Feel as if your teen may not handle the transition well? There is help for that too.

Teen Counseling Prior to Graduation

Your teen may benefit from counseling prior to graduation if he or she is not yet enrolled. Teen counseling sessions may ease the pain of the transition, especially if your teen is going abroad or moving away to attend college. A few counseling sessions will be able to equip your teen with all of the tools necessary to combat stress and anxiety while they are away.

It is also possible for teens to continue their counseling when they arrive at their campus. It is best to find a counselor who can cooperate with other counselors in other areas, just in case.

Counseling During College

If your teen continues to struggle, there are options. Most colleges have counseling for students on campus that your teen can take advantage of. Sometimes, these programs are free for students and faculty. You can also find a counselor located near the campus that would be willing to meet your teen on campus during school hours. It is best to call around and see what is available prior to the transition. You will want to be as prepared as possible beforehand to ease your teen into college life.

Dealing with the Transition for Parents

When a child moves out, it is easy to feel “empty-nest syndrome” or depression and anxiety, especially if they are an only child or the last of your children to leave the nest. For you, there is counseling available too. Insight is here to help in any transition, whether it be yours or your child’s. We offer many different counseling options for all ages to help you cope with your surroundings.

You will want to be all smiles when your teen comes home for a much-needed visit. Take care of your teen’s mental health and yours by calling Insight Child & Family Counseling today at 972-426-9500. Or visit us online at to learn more about counseling options.

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