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Depression Counselor: Depression And The Elderly

Some people think that depression is a natural side effect of aging. However, in reality, depression at any age is a treatable medical condition. Although the symptoms of depression in older adults are often the same (persistent sadness, difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, etc.), the causes of depression can be different.

In older adults, there are varying factors that can lead to depression. Things like:

1) Developing a serious, life-threatening disease like cancer or dementia.
2) Prescription medicine that has side effects including depression.
3) Major life changes such as a serious accident that causes disability or the loss of a partner.
Treatment for depression in older adults can include therapy, support groups, lifestyle changes and medication. For help from the best depression counselor around, call Insight Child & Family Counseling today. 972-426-9500. Because we have years of experience we can help you or your loved ones through the changes that aging brings. For more information about our practice, visit us online at

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