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Your First Meeting with a Depression Counselor

If you suffer from depression, you may have decided that seeing a depression counselor would be beneficial for you. If so, you may also feel apprehensive about your first appointment. Although this is normal, it isn’t necessary. Your first meeting will involve getting to know one another and learning more about your depression symptoms. Some preparation is best when visiting a counselor. Let’s discuss what to expect from your first meeting and how you can prepare in advance.

Create a List of Questions

There are a lot of questions you may have before, during and after your visit. It is best to compile a list of the questions you already have to get the ball rolling. What concerns do you want to discuss with your counselor? Do you have questions involving payment arrangements? Maybe you want to ask specific questions about your symptoms. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and take a few minutes to jot them all down. This may also calm your nerves about your first visit.

Gather a Medication List

You should gather an in-depth medication list for any medicines you take, not just the ones you may take for depression. It is important that your counselor understand what treatment methods you are currently involved in so that they can help you properly. If your depression counselor sees fit to refer you to a psychiatrist, they may want to change some of your medication into something better suited for your needs. Having a medication list already prepared will make it an easy transition.

Come with An Open Mind

Your first visit with a depression counselor may not be exactly what you expect. However, they are trained to know exactly what you need to get back to feeling normal again. So, go to your first appointment with an open mind. You will leave feeling relieved afterward, knowing that you are on your way to recovery.

At Insight Child & Family Counseling, we believe that depression counseling is critical to feeling good again. We take our time to give our best, every single session. We would love for you to reach out to us about any and all concerns or questions you may have prior to your visit. Visit our website or give us a call today at 972-426-9500. Here is to your health and getting back to life again!

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