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How to Pay for an Anxiety Counselor

If you are dealing with crippling anxiety or depression, it is probably time for you to seek help from an experienced anxiety counselor. It can be difficult to make that first step, especially without knowing the specifics. When looking into anxiety counseling, you may be concerned about the price associated with therapy. However, there are various ways to afford and pay for an anxiety counselor. Let’s discuss a few ways you might be able to make it work.

Check Your Insurance

Do you have health insurance? If you do, you might receive mental health benefits. You can contact your insurance company to learn for sure. While you are on a call with them, ask about copays and what you can expect as far as your responsibility. Some therapists do not take insurance or bill it. If that is the case, see if your insurance offers out of network benefits. If so, you will pay your counselor out of pocket, but file monthly claims to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Check Your Work Benefits

If you have health insurance through work, you might be able to check and see if they offer benefits for mental health. If you have a HSA or Health Savings Account, you can ask if this can be applied to counseling services. Your employer may also offer confidential anxiety counseling that you can take advantage of. It never hurts to ask questions about your benefits.

Speak with Your Counselor

Some practices offer sliding scale fees that differ for different amounts of income per year. Or, they may offer financial assistance depending on your need. Ask your counselor’s office what types of programs they offer if you find that you cannot afford the cost of their sessions. Your counselor may also be able to point you towards other helpful resources to help you pay for counseling services.


If you find that counseling services are required for you to get back to normal, check to see if there are financing options available. You may also be able to finance your counseling privately, depending on your need. Although credit cards can be damaging to your financial health, they are options if counseling is required as well.

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