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Anxiety Counselor: Do You Have Hidden Anxiety?

Anxiety is a disorder that is well known around the world. Symptoms can happen at any age and within any demographic or sex. From post-traumatic stress disorder to anxiety stemming from depression, the diagnoses is widespread. However, do you often feel anxious throughout the day and unable to think clearly? Perhaps you feel over-emotional and have been told you just need to relax. Seemingly small symptoms can be a sign of something larger that may need your attention. Are you suffering from hidden anxiety? Insight Child & Family Counseling, your anxiety counselor, can help. Signs of Hidden Anxiety Not all Read more
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Start The New Year Off Right With An Anxiety Counselor

2017 can be the year you get help from an anxiety counselor to help you conquer your fears. Insight Child & Family Counseling is a good place to start and we’d love to help! January can sometimes seem like a letdown after all of the holiday busyness, parties and so many places to go and people to see. On the one hand it can relieve some stress but on the other hand it can make us seem less connected and more adrift from the place we want to be. Get the help from an experienced anxiety counselor today and find Read more
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Make 2017 The Beginning of the End With An Experienced Anxiety Counselor

An anxiety counselor can help you make 2017 the beginning of the end of living life under the threat of anxiety. Start by making one call to Insight Child & Family Counseling at 972-426-9500. We want to help you find a new lease on your life and a way to deal with those issues that sometimes seem overwhelming. Call our office today to schedule your appointment or visit us online at to learn more about how an experienced anxiety counselor can help and all the different services we offer. Give yourself the gift of a new outlook and the Read more
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6 Things To Know From A Counselor About Social Anxiety

As an anxiety counselor, I know that one of the more common types of anxiety – social anxiety – is a very real disorder that goes beyond descriptors like “shy” and “introverted.”  People who have social anxiety have a variety of manifestations of their disorder that usually includes a paralyzing fear of being around and talking to strangers – usually in social situations – and a frustrating feeling of isolation and hopelessness when they’re alone.  If you or someone you know suffers from social anxiety, here are 6 things you need to know: 1 – Social Anxiety Is Common According Read more
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Anxiety Counselor: The Anxiety Of Holiday Traveling

Anxiety can strike anyone at anytime for a number of rational or seemingly irrational reasons; and as an anxiety counselor, I know there are many people who suffer with anxiety on an almost-daily basis and there are also many people for whom bouts of anxiety are only linked to a specific activity or situation.  Traveling is one of those activities that can trigger anxiety in people who fear it or dread it; and with the holidays fast approaching, those people will face the choice of finding a way to deal with their anxiety or staying home to avoid it.  If Read more
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Anxiety Counselor: Tips For Managing Anxiety

These are stressful times we live in; and as an anxiety counselor, I’ve seen how difficult it is for some people to deal with stress, pressure and hardships in their private lives and in their dealings with the world at large.  These people often develop forms of chronic anxiety that can be debilitating.  The truth is that most, if not all, people feel some level of anxiety at some point (or at multiple points) in their lives.  Part of the human condition is dealing with fear and anxiety about the knowns and the unknowns in life.  If you find yourself Read more
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Anxiety Counselor: 4 Types Of Anxiety Disorders

An anxiety counselor works with patients who have a variety of anxiety disorders that are making their lives difficult at best and unbearable at worst.  Some patients have a generalized anxiety that is manageable but never seems to go away while others have profound anxiety attacks.  Some patients experience anxiety in social situations and others experience anxiety in chaotic environments.  Four of the most common types of anxiety disorders are: 1 – Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) GAD is the most common type of anxiety disorder and affects tens of millions of people around the world.  It produces chronic, exaggerated worrying Read more