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LDS Marriage Counselor: Trust After Infidelity

Marriage isn’t easy and as an LDS marriage counselor, I’ve worked with many couples who were dealing with one or more of the problems that can come with marriage, including one of the most difficult issues for any couple to deal with – infidelity.  If you or your spouse has been unfaithful, you may be able to salvage your marriage with the help of an LDS marriage counselor like me; but that doesn’t mean that the person who was cheated on won’t have continuing trust issues.  Because marriage is based on physical, psychological and emotional trust, you or your spouse must Read more
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LDS Marriage Counselor: How Pre-Marital Counseling Helps

Most couples wait until their marriages are in trouble before they call an LDS marriage counselor; but there is an option that couples heading into marriage either aren’t aware of or don’t think they need and that is pre-marital counseling.  Counseling by a licensed, experienced therapist before marriage can help people in relationships head off problems before they do serious or irreversible damage.  Here’s how effective pre-marital counseling can help: ✦ Counseling Can Help You Determine Compatibility Pre-marital counseling can assist both partners in determining areas in which they are compatible.  It can also help you to identify areas where Read more
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LDS Marriage Counselor: Get Help Learning To Communicate

Getting help from an LDS marriage counselor can make all the difference in your life. You can learn what it means to listen and be heard, to understand what good communication looks and sounds like. At Insight Child & Family Counseling, we want to help you find your way back to a good marriage or lay a foundation for a great one to begin. Whatever your issues or questions, we want to help. Call us today at 972-426-9500 to get started or learn more about how we can help online at Start down the road toward the marriage you Read more
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LDS Marriage Counselor: Signs You May Need Help

If you are married and you feel that something isn’t right about your relationship, you should consider an LDS marriage counselor.  Why is an LDS marriage counselor so important?  Because an LDS counselor can help you to figure out the reason your relationship is in trouble and can help you find the answers to make your marriage work again.  For most couples, counseling can help them to get past many of the problems that might lead them to consider separation or divorce.  You should seek the help of a marriage counselor if you notice these warning signs: 1 – You Read more