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3 Signs Your Teen Could Benefit from a Teen Counselor

Have you ever caught yourself saying that your teen’s erratic behavior is merely teen angst? Or, maybe their outbursts of emotion have you thinking that there might be an underlying cause. Your teen is going through a lot of significant changes at this time, and some will handle those better than others. It isn’t your teen’s fault. Instead, it may be time for your teen to see a teen counselor. Keep reading to discover three signs it might just be time to check counseling out. Substance Abuse Does your family have a history of substance abuse? Or, perhaps your teen Read more
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Help From A Teen Counselor Is Available Today

Needing to find a teen counselor for help with your teen? If so, calling Insight Child & Family Counseling is the best move you can make. We have helped our clients with a range of conflicts and issues including divorce, bullying, eating disorders, depression and much more. Call our office at 972-426-9500 today to schedule your appointment or visit us online at to learn more about the ways we can help you and your teen. Our lives are meant to be shared and we all need to have the tools necessary to listen well and be heard. We can Read more
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Teen Counselor: Keep The Doors of Communication Open

Are you needing help with your communication or a teen counselor to help you find the right way to communicate? If so, there is help. It is available from Insight Child & Family Counseling today at 972-426-9500. We have helped our clients and their families find the right ways to begin a healthy line of communication and be able to value the words and feelings of others. Many times even when you don’t understand the why, once you learn to listen well, you can make your home a place of freedom to be who you are and your children who Read more
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Teen Counselor: Does Your Teen Have Mental Health Issues?

As parents, we’re not always sure why our adolescent children are angry or sad one minute and happy or laughing the next; but as a teen counselor, I know that adolescence is a confusing and emotionally-disruptive time for kids who don’t always understand themselves and why they’re feeling the emotions they’re feeling.  Even when they do understand, they often don’t know how to express it to their parents.   The problem with the teenage years is that the emotional rollercoaster that most children are on during that time can sometimes disguise or mimic the symptoms of serious mental issues that Read more