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LDS Marriage Counseling Can Help

Probably one of the oldest and greatest institutions, that of marriage, is threatened in our society today. LDS marriage counseling is a place to go to seek the help needed to sustain a good healthy union.

Once reverenced as a sacred bond between a man and a woman, marriages are now struggling and being taken too lightly. It seems easier to walk away from responsibility, and simply easier to put aside vows that fight the obstacles in order to stay together and keep a marriage strong. Do we blame the declining values of society or do we look inward for faults we may have that bring this holy commitment crashing down and tearing apart?

There is always the other side of the coin. LDS marriage counseling not only helps solve problems, but can bring about healing and also emphasizes the good that each partner brings to the marriage. There are those positive attributes that can benefit a marriage and help it grow stronger through the years. Those characteristics were once probably in the forefront of what brought individuals together so maybe it is time to take a look at them again and put them in their proper perspective.

Respect for one another is a great foundation. If consistently shown, it uplifts instead of destroys. Confidence is developed, communication is improved, insight is gained and appreciation heightens.

If each partner truly cherished the other then love would grow, become stronger, and strengthen the bonds of marriage. Feeling valued and shown love through not only words but actions is an armor of protection against outside influences with expressions of love, concern, understanding, and acts of kindness.  These all play a positive role in building a marriage that can withstand the darts of doubt.

Genuinely be friends and like one another. Spend time together, learn from each other and take an interest in the interests of your spouse. Simply enjoy activities together, have fun, talk and laugh together. Do not lose sight of what it was that brought you together in the beginning. Celebrate each others uniqueness.

Trust, honor, respect, humor, communication and love all play roles along with countless other positive traits help to solidify a marriage. It is an ongoing process, not built in a day, but moment upon moment of working together and being there for one another.

Insight Child and Family Counseling is where to find LDS marriage counseling. Let us help heal, give guidance, support, listen and provide a platform upon which to build a sure foundation for your marriage to flourish. We are here to help you find that place of peace.


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