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Turning to LDS Family Counseling

Without a doubt, life can be difficult. Often times, people turn to professional therapists and counselors when they hit roadblocks in their lives. Professional help is available in many forms, for both the religious and the non-religious. LDS family counseling is a great place for Latter-Day Saints, or Mormons, to turn to. Of course, seeking help from a non-religious counselor or therapist can be a great option. But many religious people find it easier to connect to a counselor who is of the same faith for a few reasons: An LDS counselor understands the fundamentals. Working with a counselor with Read more
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LDS Marriage Counseling Can Help

Probably one of the oldest and greatest institutions, that of marriage, is threatened in our society today. LDS marriage counseling is a place to go to seek the help needed to sustain a good healthy union. Once reverenced as a sacred bond between a man and a woman, marriages are now struggling and being taken too lightly. It seems easier to walk away from responsibility, and simply easier to put aside vows that fight the obstacles in order to stay together and keep a marriage strong. Do we blame the declining values of society or do we look inward for faults Read more