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Turning to LDS Family Counseling

Without a doubt, life can be difficult. Often times, people turn to professional therapists and counselors when they hit roadblocks in their lives. Professional help is available in many forms, for both the religious and the non-religious. LDS family counseling is a great place for Latter-Day Saints, or Mormons, to turn to.

Of course, seeking help from a non-religious counselor or therapist can be a great option. But many religious people find it easier to connect to a counselor who is of the same faith for a few reasons:

An LDS counselor understands the fundamentals.

Working with a counselor with a similar religious background makes things simpler. You don’t have to divulge as much explanation or background information if the therapist knows at least the fundamental beliefs of the client’s religion.

An LDS counselor can also help LDS clients by understanding their point of view and where they are coming from. For example, in the Mormon faith, sexual transgression is a very serious sin, and one that takes a lot of time and repentance to move through. A non-religious therapist may not understand that viewpoint or give the client the same kind of support or advice. A professional counselor who understands the LDS viewpoint on things like sexual sin can automatically relate to his or her clients easier and more quickly.

Some trials are religious in nature.

Some of life’s trials, including those dealt with inside marriages, are religious by nature. A couple who seeks LDS family counseling, for example, may be struggling with their marriage in terms of religion. Perhaps one spouse doesn’t understand the covenants they made inside the LDS temple when they got married, and the other spouse does. These issues can be worked through much more quickly with the help of a counselor who understands the couples’ religion.

LDS counselors understand Bishop advice.

Many LDS people choose to seek professional help through LDS family counseling, and they also work with their Bishop or other church leaders simultaneously. They recognize they need professional help to balance the mental and emotional aspects of their lives, and they work with a Bishop to heal the spiritual side. LDS therapists understand advice given by Bishops and work with clients to accomplish spiritual, mental and emotional healing.

LDS Family Counseling

There are some Church-sponsored counseling services, but that may not be available in all areas. If you want to branch out and find a therapist that specializes in certain areas (such as trauma or sex addiction), you can find counselors who do not work for the Church but who are LDS. Families can find the help they need with LDS family counseling at Insight Child and Family Counseling!

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