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Daily Archives: June 8, 2016

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LDS Counselor: Signs and Symptoms of Porn Addiction

As an LDS counselor I’ve learned that over forty Million Adults in the U.S. visit internet pornography sites on a regular basis.  One in five internet searches on a mobile device are for pornography.  Pornography is the fastest growing industry in the world and 20% of men admit to viewing pornography at work.  Some may argue that porn is victimless and hurts no one but the demand for physical aggression, verbal aggression and child porn is at an all-time high. Some believe viewing of pornography is an adult activity, however research is now showing that most  start the road to Read more
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LDS Counselor: Learning How To Talk It Out Can Save The Day

An LDS counselor can help you learn to communicate better in your marriage. They can also help deal with issues like bullying, eating disorders, addition and so much more. Whatever you are struggling with, Insight Child & Family Counseling can help. We listen, teach you how to hear and be heard and how to find the best of you and those around you as you grow through communicating. Call us today at 972-426-9500 to schedule your first visit and begin the process of finding the life you want among the one you have. You can visit us online at Read more