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LDS Counselor Carrollton TX: How to Work With Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situations. However, as an LDS counselor, I’ve seen how it can become excessive and can cause sufferers to dread everyday situations. This steady, all-over anxiety is called Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Other anxiety-related disorders include panic attacks—severe episodes of anxiety which happen in response to specific triggers—and obsessive-compulsive disorder, which is marked by persistent intrusive thoughts or compulsions to carry out specific behaviors (such as hand-washing). Anxiety so frequently co-occurs with depression that the two are thought to be twin faces of one disorder. Like depression, it strikes twice as many females as males. Read more
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LDS Marriage Counselor: Dealing With Adult Children

As an LDS marriage counselor, I know that children can put a strain on a relationship when parents don’t agree about how they should be reared.  What may be surprising is that it isn’t just minor children who can trigger conflicts between parents – adult children can have the same adverse effects on a marriage as younger ones.  That’s why it’s important to clearly define your relationship with your adult children, especially with those children who seem to need or want the same kind of dependent relationship they had as small children. When Your Adult Children Don’t Act Their Age Read more
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LDS Counselor: Signs and Symptoms of Porn Addiction

As an LDS counselor I’ve learned that over forty Million Adults in the U.S. visit internet pornography sites on a regular basis.  One in five internet searches on a mobile device are for pornography.  Pornography is the fastest growing industry in the world and 20% of men admit to viewing pornography at work.  Some may argue that porn is victimless and hurts no one but the demand for physical aggression, verbal aggression and child porn is at an all-time high. Some believe viewing of pornography is an adult activity, however research is now showing that most  start the road to Read more
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LDS Marriage Counselor: Falling Out Of Love

Many of the people who seek the help of an LDS marriage counselor do so because they feel they have fallen out of love with their partners and want to understand why and how to fall back in love.  The truth is that falling in love is easy and it brings with it such overwhelming feelings of passion and longing that maintaining that level of emotion for an entire marriage is virtually impossible.  If your feelings for your partner are fading from love to apathy or even dislike, you’re not alone; the course of true love is a bumpy one for Read more
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LDS Child Counselor: 5 Ways You Can Help Your Child

An LDS child counselor will tell you that there will be more than one time in the life of your child when you wonder if some alien race with a wicked sense of humor has replaced your sweet, compliant son or daughter with one who is angry, unpredictable, muddled or moody.  Though puberty can account for much of the problem behavioral phases that children go through as they grow up, there are a number of other factors that contribute to your child’s new, and often unwelcome, personality quirks.  Here are some ways you can help children maintain some emotional and mental Read more