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When to Choose an Anxiety Counselor: 5 Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

anxiety counselor plano txAre you struggling with feelings you don’t understand? Maybe your loved ones have told you that you have changed or you seem depressed or anxious. Do you have moments of intense fear, hopelessness or erratic feelings?

You may be dealing with anxiety.

Some symptoms of anxiety can come and go, and other can hide in plain view. If you are wondering if an anxiety counselor is right for you, you should understand your symptoms. When are your symptoms a sign of anxiety? Here are five signs of an anxiety disorder.

#1. Severe Worry

This doesn’t mean natural worry that happens when life is less than perfect. Severe worry is something that keeps you from sleeping, eating or living normally. This type of worry is excessive and happens in small things as well as large things. You may feel as if your worry is excessive or crippling.

#2. Trouble Sleeping

Severe worry can also cause sleeping issues. These issues can come with anxiety and cause issues with falling asleep and ultimately staying asleep. Insomnia is a result of anxiety and feelings of dread, depression and racing thoughts. You may wake up feeling groggy, or, believe it or not, wired. An anxiety counselor can help with your sleeping issues by teaching you calming exercises and sleep aids.

#3. Headaches and Tension

Anxiety can manifest itself in our physical bodies as well. Your muscles may feel a bit stiff, and you may experience headaches daily or often. Anxiety can cause tension in our emotions and stress that causes muscles to contract. If you are having muscle pains and headaches often without cause, you may be experiencing an anxiety disorder. An anxiety counselor can help.

#4. Extreme Self-Consciousness

Everyone deals with slight self-consciousness during life. However, an anxiety disorder can turn this into an obsession about your body, hair, or other things. You may lose joy in being around friends for fear of being imperfect or making a mistake. You may feel as if every eye is on you at all times.

#5. Flashback Type Behaviors

You may feel yourself reliving a particularly devastating or embarrassing event over and over. Some anxiety disorders give flashbacks of moments in public, while others may give flashbacks of the death of a loved one. These flashbacks come and go and are an extreme symptom of an anxiety disorder.

If you feel you are suffering from any of the signs, it may be time to confide in an anxiety counselor. Insight Child & Family Counseling gives you the help you need with the kindness you deserve. Connect with us today by giving us a call at 972-426-9500.

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