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Daily Archives: June 17, 2017

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Recognizing Social Anxiety And When to Seek Out A Counselor

For those that have been described as “shy” or “timid” there may be more to the situation than that. Social Anxiety is a very real disorder that causes people to have paralyzing fear of being around or talking to strangers. Oftentimes this can lead to feelings of loneliness or frustration. Social Anxiety sufferers don’t WANT to be alone, but their anxiety forces them into a world of seclusion. As an experienced anxiety counselor, Insight Child & Family Counseling can help you recognize your social anxiety and give you practical, real world tips on managing it. Our treatment approach is to Read more
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When to Choose an Anxiety Counselor: 5 Signs of an Anxiety Disorder

Are you struggling with feelings you don’t understand? Maybe your loved ones have told you that you have changed or you seem depressed or anxious. Do you have moments of intense fear, hopelessness or erratic feelings? You may be dealing with anxiety. Some symptoms of anxiety can come and go, and other can hide in plain view. If you are wondering if an anxiety counselor is right for you, you should understand your symptoms. When are your symptoms a sign of anxiety? Here are five signs of an anxiety disorder. #1. Severe Worry This doesn’t mean natural worry that happens Read more