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Child Counseling: When To Take Action Vs When To Wait

You know your child better than anyone else and you can tell when they are struggling. The real question is, when is it time to seek out child counseling? Are there times when they are just adjusting to a new situation? Or are they suffering with anxiety and depression? Here are a few tips on when to seek out counseling vs when to wait.

When To Take Action
1. When their actions are effecting their physical health. If an eating disorder or cutting is involved, get a counselor involved right away.
2. When you have a family history of mental illness. Your child might have a higher risk of developing anxiety or depression if it runs in the family.

When To Wait
1. After a Divorce
2. After Changing Schools
3. After the Arrival of a New Sibling

Just because your family is going through some changes doesn’t mean your child needs to be rushed to therapy. There are some children that handle change better than others. Give your child a chance to adjust and if you notice their behavior isn’t bouncing back or they are exhibiting troublesome characteristics, then get a counselor involved.

Insight Child & Family Counseling are licensed and experienced in child counseling. If you are still wondering if counseling is right for your child, give us a call. Lets chat through what is going on with your child and see if counseling is the right step for them. 972-426-9500. You can also visit us online for some testimonials and more information.

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