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How To Find Your Holiday Happiness With Anxiety Counseling

You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again, the holidays are a stressful time of year. For those suffering with anxiety, they can be even more stressful. When its all too much and you need time to decompress, try some of these tricks to get you back on track and enjoying the holiday how you want to.

1. Choose to say “NO” – This may seem harsh, especially this time of year when the get togethers are numerous. However, your mental health is more important than Uncle Jim’s annual Christmas party or the office white elephant exchange. It is okay to say no to give yourself time to re-group. Save your energy for the things you really WANT to do this holiday season.

2. Take the pressure off – With this time of year comes with the expectation to do all of the perfect holiday things. The traditions with the decorating and the baking might seem like a lot to live up to. When you start with the mindset that things might not be perfect or exactly how they were last year, you allow yourself to live in the moment and enjoy the activities you do take part in.

3. Put Anxiety Reducing Techniques To Work – You’ve likely learned a few tricks on how to cope with your anxiety in stressful situations. Before you head out to an activity or event, review your techniques. Take the necessary steps beforehand so that if/when you are in your anxiety moment you are able to conquer it and move on.

Anxiety doesn’t have to rule you this holiday season. Insight Child & Family Counseling is here to help. We can help you talk about your anxiety and come up with a game plan to conquer it. Give us a call today at 972-426-9500 to chat about your first appointment or visit us online at

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