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Child Counselor: Substance Abuse And Your Teen

Substance abuse is rampant in the United States and as a child counselor, I have worked with a number of young people who abuse or are addicted to alcohol or drugs, while most of them need immediate help for cocaine addiction.  Though children and teens don’t have the problem of substance abuse costing them their jobs or marriages, they are at risk for serious legal problems, health problems, cognitive problems, ruined relationships and even death. People can also hop over  to overcome drug addiction . Why Children Abuse Drugs And Alcohol Children and adolescents often abuse drugs and alcohol for Read more
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Child Counselor: How Obesity Affects Children

As a child counselor, I know that childhood, especially adolescence, can bring with it a host of pressures that adults may find difficult to understand.  From pressure to perform well in school to pressure from often unstable home lives, children can find it hard to cope with everyday life.  With the problem of childhood obesity reaching almost epidemic proportions, children who are overweight face yet another kind of pressure and that is the pressure to conform to accepted body norms.   How Obesity Is Defined In Adults And Children To determine whether or not a child is overweight or obese, Read more