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Find the Right LDS Anxiety Therapist & Be More Comfortable

Finding the right LDS anxiety therapist can be stressful, especially for a person who is already suffering from anxiety. The most stressful part of choosing the right therapist is trying to figure out how to actually go about looking. There are so many therapists out there who specialize in all kinds of different treatments for anxiety that it can seem overwhelming to even begin looking for a therapist, let alone to choose one. Rather than let the sheer scope of the task overwhelm you, it is best to break down your search for a therapist into several manageable chunks. The first Read more
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LDS Depression Therapy: Find a Therapist Who Understands Both

LDS depression therapy is nothing to be ashamed of. The LDS gospel is one of joy, and often its members begin to think that because they embrace the joy of the gospel that they shouldn’t be suffering from depression. Many people even think that if they just pray harder and live more righteously that their depression will go away. But depression isn’t a spiritual condition, it’s a mental one. Depression is the result of a chemical imbalance in your brain. That imbalance can be the result of genetics, certain life events, illness, and a wide variety of other causes. Depending upon Read more